I Get Asked This Question Quite a Bit….

I get asked a lot… what’s the average person take to get a black belt!?

The “average” person doesn’t.

The “average” person Quits.

Out of a 100 people you might get 1 person to earn a black belt.

If you think your 1 out of 100 I’d love to train with you. I love to . . . → Read More: I Get Asked This Question Quite a Bit….

2 Things Last..Blood Family And Dojo Family.. Meet some of my Dojo Family!

By far some of “THE COOLEST” Hard Working, dedicated young men and women are within this Dojo.

Each and everyone of them is Truly amazing. I love each and everyone of you.

Master Jack P.S. Check out what they say our Dojo… https://medfordoregonkungfu.com/medford-oregon-kung-fu-reviews/