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“How Do You Know Medford Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu Is the Best For You and your Goals!?

We Simply Guarantee YOUR Goals
Faster Than Anyone Else! 

Every school in Southern Oregon Focuses on Group Training’s first which means your learning slower… Let me explain.

Think of it this way..

Option #1: A Single structor leading a class to a room full of 30 people AND YOU for 30 minutes… the attention you get is 1-to-30

Option #2 A single instructor leading a private 1-on-1 lesson to Just YOU for 30 minutes.. The attention you get is 100%

This is how you can get your GOALS literally 30 times faster!

Plus theirs one more Option… Option #3. Get both.. Get the full classroom of people and you.. AND private Lessons… in our Dojo we just give you OPTION #1… aka “group lessons” for FREE. Yep. 100% Free..

Don’t believe Me.. Check out what these guys just like you said:

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Wes comments on our Group Mastery Classes
“You can’t get this type of workout anywhere else!”
~Wes Hunt

Master Jack, Wes Hunt, Quinn Sargent.

Before You Call Us, To “Try Us Out” Check out what others are saying By Clicking Here.

Private 1-on-1’s Give You the privacy of a 1-on-1 education with a Real World Black Belts that have spent over 10,000 hours in martial arts (Mastery Level).

Private 1-on-1’s Give You get all the focus in the room. This allows you to literally learn 7-13 times faster then group trainings. (Basically what you could learn in a single month in a group class You could learn in one private lesson.)

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And “YES!” we also offer More Adult  Kenpo Jiu Jitsu “Mastery Group Classes” then anyone in Southern Oregon! That’s right we focus on Private 1-on-1’s yet we have even Have more “Mastery Group Classes” Then the rest! Pretty Cool huh!?

“What Else Your Going To Get…
GuaranteedAccidental Benefits!

  • Lose weight!
  • Get stronger!
  • Double Your flexibility after 1 week!
  • Increased Muscle tone.
  • Increased reflexes!
  • Triple Your Punching power after 1 lesson!
  • Super Stress Reduction!
  • Easily beat bigger attackers!
  • Learn “REAL” self defense!
  • Learn to fight multiple attackers at once!
  • knife defense!
  • Ground fighting!
  • Defend chokes!
  • Gun defense!
  • How to stop a fight before it starts!
  • Goal Setting!
  • Increased Endurance!
  • Increased Confidence!
  • Easily Defend  the #1 Street Attack (after your first lesson)

Here’s the next step I want you to take.

Call us 541-608-2848 and schedule a FREE-Time To meet our head instructor for a FREE-Dojo Orientation

~Master Jack

Before You Call Us, To “Try Us Out” Check out what others are saying By Clicking Here.

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