Elyssa (From Hawaii) said “I was So Tired This Day”… But, Then I went to the dojo

“How My Day Started Vs How It Ended” … Elyssa Polsky Wrote “I was so tired this day.

I was sort of in a funk and just feeling worn down from school, work, nursing applications, volunteering, extra curricular activities, and just life with my kiddos.

I was planning to only go to training to Uke for someone else.

I already had it in my head that I wasn’t going to stay and spar with the rest, but thanks to Master Jack for convincing me to stay, I sparred and grappled with them for an hour after training and I left the dojo tired in a different way but my mind and soul felt clear.

I was humbly reminded why martial arts is so important for me to thrive.

It helps me be a better mom, student, employee, friend, and human in general. I appreciate you ninjas 🥊”

I love hearing this… and its damn true.. the dojo makes you a better person… Guaranteed.

If you are interested in becoming better and having damn good time while you do it, I can guarantee results!

I recommend you sign up for our trial… just a friendly heads up… I do have a waiting list…

“If your interested in getting personal 1-on-1 instruction, that fit your needs, on your schedule and get you the result you want while having fun, making friends, learning cool stuff I highly recommend you call us at 541-608-2848.

plus I have a CRAZY guarantee.

Its Called “I love Strangling my New Friends”…

….Basically “if by the end of your trial, you don’t have so much fun strangling and Jitsu-ing your new friends, learning cool new skills, getting a gnarly workout and laughing while you do it, Ill 100% refund your money even after investing 3 days of my life into you….

if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy. And I will only keep your money if your happy”

Sounds pretty damn fair to me go ahead and call 541-608-2848 to be put on the wait list.”

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