Here is Miss Jessica BEFORE Sparring and AFTER Sparring last week.

She came in for her Private lesson, then stayed about 2 hours and watched others train and helped as a body to add resistance and feedback for them.

After that she stayed till our Sparring Class, which she did stand up sparring which includes, boxing and kick boxing with Grappling..

Then she stayed for our Jiu Jitsu only Class where we focus on submission only sparring.

If you’re interested in training I recommend you take the risk free Trial like Miss Jessica did.

Here’s What you’re getting:

You Get 3 Private 1-on-1 Lessons with a Black Belt (normally these Sessions are valued at $50.00 a Piece.

Total Value of $150.00

You Get 3 Private Mini “combat conditioning” Workouts which focus on building strength geared to the sport which you going to start.

(These Mini workouts are valued at $10.00 Each. Total Value of $30.00)

Plus You get access to our $107.95 At-Home Training Program which will help Quick Start your training.

A Total Value of $287.95 All For $39 bucks.

Plus we offer a money back guarantee … Which basically states if you don’t love your training ill give you your money back.

Here’s What I recommend You do:

Simply call our 24hr Answering Machine at 541-608-2848 and Leave your name and number and we will contact you back in the order the calls are received (we do only have 1 spot, if its gone I can put you on the wait list) I look forward to training with you!

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