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Elyssa (From Hawaii) said “I was So Tired This Day”… But, Then I went to the dojo

“How My Day Started Vs How It Ended” … Elyssa Polsky Wrote “I was so tired this day.

I was sort of in a funk and just feeling worn down from school, work, nursing applications, volunteering, extra curricular activities, and just life with my kiddos.

I was planning to only go to training to Uke for someone else.

I already had it in my head that I wasn’t going to stay and spar with the rest, but thanks to Master Jack for convincing me to stay, I sparred and grappled with them for an hour after training and I left the dojo tired in a different way but my mind and soul felt clear.

I was humbly reminded why martial arts is so important for me to thrive.

It helps me be a better mom, student, employee, friend, and human in general. I appreciate you ninjas 🥊”

I love hearing this… and its damn true.. the dojo makes you a better person… Guaranteed.

If you are interested in becoming better and having damn good time while you do it, I can guarantee results!

I recommend you sign up for our trial… just a friendly heads up… I do have a waiting list…

“If your interested in getting personal 1-on-1 instruction, that fit your needs, on your schedule and get you the result you want while having fun, making friends, learning cool stuff I highly recommend you call us at 541-608-2848.

plus I have a CRAZY guarantee.

Its Called “I love Strangling my New Friends”…

….Basically “if by the end of your trial, you don’t have so much fun strangling and Jitsu-ing your new friends, learning cool new skills, getting a gnarly workout and laughing while you do it, Ill 100% refund your money even after investing 3 days of my life into you….

if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy. And I will only keep your money if your happy”

Sounds pretty damn fair to me go ahead and call 541-608-2848 to be put on the wait list.”

Video With Maizy Looking Back Over a year of Training here at Medford Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu

Press Play To Here Sound

We’ve all heard:

Martial Arts gives us Confidence.

Martial Arts gives us Strength.

Martial Arts gives us Discipline.

But no one talks about the price you have to pay for it… Now its not a monetary price… Its more valuable than that…”Its Time”

Its Time Invested In your-self… Or its Time invested in your-spose… Or its Time invested in your-child… its Time Invested..

The More Time you invest the better the results.

“Miss Maizy” pays that price…

She shows up early…

and stays late…

I’ve been training for about 30+ years myself…

the head instructor over 60 years…

and there’s one common factor among the ones who turn out great..

The time invested…They always show up early and stay late.