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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shawn Rates The Dojo 5 Stars!

And another one… the dojo changes lives (like clock ⏰ work)

Everyone loves a good “”before and after” photo.

So here you go! (Even though Shawn’s transformation has just started! He’s already kickin a$$)

What’s interesting is I showed this photo to a couple people and they said wow! Who’s that)

The “who’s that” surprised me… (but) it makes since! Shawn was on our waitlist for 2 years… and just got in 3 months ago! So if you haven’t meet Shawn yet! It’s because he’s brand spanking new.

Anyways… dude, I’m super proud of you! You’ve turned your life around and are a brand new person.

If your interested in training I’d love to help and I guarantee you’ll kick the crap out of your goals!

(The only issue) is my schedule has been full going on the last 3 years.

If your interested get on the waitlist and as soon as a spot opens I’d love to help!

To get on the waitlist just Visit the site Medfordoregonkungfu dot com and just fill out the form.

I consider myself tall 6’1 (but) Avery towers over me!

Meet Avery!

I instantly loved this guy.

super kind, super tall and amazing athlete…

but probably my fav part is he came to us with a love for martial arts:

Interested in joining our dojo! (We are completely full… but if you put yourself on our wait list like Avery) I can notify when a spot opens!

Text us 541-821-1532 (I want in the wait list)

The Dad asked how his son how he felt after the dojo? The Son Replied.. “Like a Bad a _ _”

Dad asked how his son how he felt after the dojo?

The Son Replied.. “Like a Bad a _ _”

… The Growth of confidence in a young soul is beautiful thing.

I was just having this conversation with another black belt…

I’ve literally done about every school sport possible…Basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, swimming, track and field, gymnastics…

They are all awesome and even though I do have LOVE for these sports…

and they will build confidence in you…

Yet, the personal growth you get with a COMBATIVE sport…

Whether it be Kenpo Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, boxing etc…

the way you get to know yourself and what your capable of is quite amazing…

Many people say combat sports is about beating someone up… that’s a byproduct… but thats total bs.,..

No its not about having the ability to smash a bully into the ground, strangling him unconscious in 5 seconds or knock him out with a head kick… even though YOU WILL earn these skills …

I believe its simply about BEING BETTER THEN YOU WERE YESTERDAY…

Its You Vs You man.,.

When you start to become better your confidence grows.

When You don’t train, you suck more… and your confidence keeps score. One of my favorite quotes is about Miyamoto Musashi… He saids… “The Way Is In The Training”…

I 100% agree.Interested in training with some awesome people?

I recommend you sign up for our trial…

just a friendly heads up…

I do have a waiting list…

“If your interested in getting personal 1-on-1 instruction, that fit your needs, on your schedule and get you the result you want while having fun, making friends, learning cool stuff I highly recommend you call us at 541-608-2848. plus I have a CRAZY guarantee. Its Called “I love Strangling my New Friends”…

….Basically “if by the end of your trial, you don’t have so much fun strangling and Jitsu-ing your new friends, learning cool new skills, getting a gnarly workout and laughing while you do it, Ill 100% refund your money even after investing 3 days of my life into you….

if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy.

And I will only keep your money if your happy

“Sounds pretty damn fair to me go ahead and call 541-608-2848 to be put on the wait list.”

Aquí está mi amigo Nery. Nery ama a Bruce Lee …

Aquí está mi amigo nery. Nery ama a Bruce Lee … Imita bien sus movimientos.

Ahora lo llamo mi Bruce Lee latino. 🙂

Ha estado entrenando conmigo cerca de 8 años.

Ahora, cuando pelea con niños de su misma edad, ni siquiera es justo.Nery es realmente buena en el arte de la lucha.

Estoy muy orgulloso de llamarlo mi alumno y amigo.

Su familia también es asombrosa.Como pueden ver, a mí también me gusta practicar mi español, así que es divertido entrenar a Nery y practicar hablar español.

Si está interesado en la formación, le recomiendo que haga lo que hizo Nery y realice nuestra prueba 100% libre de riesgos.

Sin embargo… ahora mismo estoy al 100% en Capacidad.

Tengo una lista de espera …

“Si está interesado en recibir instrucción personal personalizada, que se ajuste a sus necesidades, en su horario y obtenga el resultado que desea mientras se divierte, hace amigos, aprende cosas interesantes, le recomendamos que nos llame al 541-608-2848.

además tengo una garantía LOCA.

Se llama “Me encanta estrangular a mis nuevos amigos” ……. Básicamente “si al final de tu prueba, no te diviertes tanto estrangulando y haciendo jitsu con tus nuevos amigos, aprendiendo nuevas habilidades geniales, haciendo un entrenamiento retorcido y riendo mientras lo haces, estaré 100% reembolsarte tu dinero incluso después de invertir 3 días de mi vida en ti …

si no estás feliz, yo no estoy feliz.

Y solo me quedaré tu dinero si estás feliz “Me suena bastante justo, adelante, llame al 541-608-2848 para que lo pongan en la lista de espera “.

Medford Oregon Martial Arts | Who Trains At Kenpo MMA Kung-Fu & Jiu Jitsu?

Thats really a great question to ask when picking the Right school for you and your family!

As of right now we do have people YOU currently trust your life to training with us at Medford Martial Arts Kenpo MMA Kung-Fu and Jiu Jitsu.

By people I say YOU trust your life to, we do have local Medical Doctors training here at Medford martial Arts leading Training Center.

We do have Medford’s Finest that patrol and protect your family training here at Medford martial Arts leading Training Center.

We do have Ex-Army Training here Medford martial Arts Leading Training Center.

We do have Ex-Marines Training here at Medford MMA.

We do have amazing 5 year old children and up training here.

We do have entire families from Mom to dad to brother and sisters training here.

And as I post this we have what many would say is pound for pound one of the strongest men in the USA training here also. This man Logan Christopher travels up here from Santa cruz California to train with us. Currently this week he’s been doing Daily doubles (morning and night) and its paying off FAST.

Go ahead and check out Logan’s video…The man is doing a neck bridge which is a feat in itself and at the same time he’s lifting 325lbs.


Medford Martial Arts | Medford MMA | How To Pick The Source?

Medford Martial Arts - The Source?

Medford Martial Arts – The Source?


If your looking for the best go directly to the source of the information. We ARE the source.

I’d like to give big congrats to 4 people who just were accepted into The only source in Southern Oregon. 3 of them are local from Medford, 1 is one of “Medford’s Finest Officers” and the other just moved his entire household up here for 6 months just to train with us from California because he knows we are the source. He will be joined by 3 others who are living in Medford currently to train with us.

Your Friend,
Master Jack.
P.S. Those of you who are lucky enough to live local and would like to take a 30 day FREE (No Contract) Trail go ahead and Call Now 541-608-2848 fast. We have 3 more openings this week for the trial.

Plus to the first one who calls and Tries us out we will give you a $97 Special Report in Martial Art Training Material and Self Defense Masterkeys!



Martial Arts and Birth Day?

Early today, before our dojo was filled with kids for our Martial Arts Bully Prevention Class we celebrated Rich Mott’s Birthday!

You may not know Rich Mott but the man first trained with Grand Master Doc here in the back woods of Oregon in the late 90’s and since then has trained with us in Yorkshire England, Denmark Copenhagen and even in Hawaii.

Rich has finally stopped visiting our school and now has completely moved here to train with us because he loves our training so much. For your local Oregonians your kind-of blessed, you have no idea the type of level of training Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu has, or that their Head instructor is in the Hall of Fame or in Black Belt Magazine.

You are truly spoiled as you get to live in the same town as the man where as most of us including my self have traveled all over the world to train with the man.

Happy Birthday Rich! Its an Honor to train with you.

Master Jack.