Fitness Classes Medford Oregon

So, I was fat growing up.

Actually the majority of my life I was overweight.

I was athletic, did sports in high school and actually had a pretty active life style yet still didn’t love my body.

The point of me telling you this is most “coaches” I know that I’ve talked to have never been fat.

Since they’ve never been fat, they never had to crawl out from what feels like your own personal “hell.”

Being someone that has been easily 60lbs overweight, I know I can help you with your goals.

Whats interesting, Is I ended up getting so unhealthy at one point, I actually thought I was going to die….

Seriously nothing like thinking you’re going to die, to give you a different perspective on life.

I look back at this day, and I appreciate how early it happened to me. Since then, I literally became a new person… Mentally First, and then Physically second.

The new me.

Fast forward to today I not only have changed myself for the better and achieved some awesome goals, but I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight, build muscle and get the physical life they want.

Even though I am damn good martial arts coach (most of my dojo students truly appreciate the “health & Fitness side” of my training.

I honestly think Martial Arts and healthy body go together but many people just want a better body and don’t want to learn how to control a bigger attacker and possibly strangle him unconscious lol.

Anyways, I really love helping people achieve their dream body goals.

I’ve worked with people online Like Joe W. from Connecticut (online) Who had a goal to lose a 100lbs with me. We smashed that goal out of the park.

To a local white city farmer James T. whos dropped 23lbs with me.

James Daughter, Leighton did paint her dads toes… lol James is a Damn cool dad.

I’d love to see if I can help you.

Right now I am only taking personal 1-on-1 clients.

(here’s Erik from Medford, another client who only worked out with me 2 times a week and got crazy results)

(Most coaches try to throw as many people into a room as possible for the money aka Group Classes)

I truly want to help transform your life. And I found out that working 1-on-1 is the best possible way to fit your goals as they are totally different then the goals of a group class.

Group classes = Fun, cool way to meet new friends…
If you’re after meeting people, sure.. go that route.

Private 1-on-1’s = GUARANTEE RESULTS
If your after the body you want, I’d go this way.

So what to do next?

Just fill out the application here is the first step or If you rather call and leave a message you can do so by calling 541-608-2848.

After that I’ll find out a little more about what you’ve done, what your going through and if I can help you achieve your goals I will.