Martial Arts and Birth Day?

Early today, before our dojo was filled with kids for our Martial Arts Bully Prevention Class we celebrated Rich Mott’s Birthday!

You may not know Rich Mott but the man first trained with Grand Master Doc here in the back woods of Oregon in the late 90’s and since then has trained with us in Yorkshire England, Denmark Copenhagen and even in Hawaii.

Rich has finally stopped visiting our school and now has completely moved here to train with us because he loves our training so much. For your local Oregonians your kind-of blessed, you have no idea the type of level of training Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu has, or that their Head instructor is in the Hall of Fame or in Black Belt Magazine.

You are truly spoiled as you get to live in the same town as the man where as most of us including my self have traveled all over the world to train with the man.

Happy Birthday Rich! Its an Honor to train with you.

Master Jack.


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