Giovanni (a 15 Year old) Smashing adults on a weekly base…

Giovanni (a 15 Year old) Smashing adults on a weekly base…

In this case the adult is Chino 🙂 (who’s no damn slouch either)

Here’s Gio, performing the north south kimura…

Once it gets locked in, the opponent only has moments to tap or get their arm broken.

Fun Fact: The Kimura has history… Not only is it one of the most powerful submissions in grappling.

The submission became famous when Masahiko Kimura used it to defeat Helio Gracie in a grappling match.

Gio is damn good! He’s been training with us close to 5 years?

People look at Gio and see a kid, thats super friendly, cleans his room, does his homework… And thats all true… I see a highly disciplined, intelligent young man, that is still a (kid) Yet, destroys adults. (fighting someone his own size and age would be ungodly unfair)…

His parents Augie and Amanda put him into our dojo 5 years ago… Their investment in their kid has payed off… Very proud of you young man..

(Plus his little bro Anthony is making amazing strides as well’…) you can see his brain firing and understanding the positions… Watch out for these little ninjas. (they already are gettin damn good, I can’t imagine what they will be like when their 18).

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