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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (5 Star) Medford Black Belt & 1-on-1 Fitness Trainer Helps me Lose 44lbs ~ Dakota!

“A lot has happened in the past few months. 

I’ve decided to make a change, lose some weight, and become a total badass.

Do You know Jack, the Jujitsu Black Belt?  (Medford Fitness personal 1-on-1 classes)

Jack’s been a huge inspiration and help to me on this new journey. 

I started out at 235 pounds, but as of yesterday, I’m down to 191!

health and confidence have both improved a lot.

Every day I go to the dojo to train or work out, and I’m becoming more and more passionate about martial arts. 

This year, I’m going to work harder than ever before.

I can’t thank Master Jack enough for all his help. I owe him a lot.”

⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (5 Star Rating) “Hard To Put Into Words What This Dojo has done for me!” ~ Kelly From Medford Oregon

Kelley L.
From Medford Oregon
“Its hard to put into words what this dojo has done for me, personally. 

I have tried so many different work outs, gyms and dead-end dieting for so many years. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to be trained by Jack La Tourrette over the last year and a half, and what I found was life changing. 

I have dropped 30 pounds ( and kept it off). I feel healthier, happier, and strongerthan ever. 

I have, and am still developing friendships and creating my “dojo family” each week. 

I started off thinking this was a “weekly workout”, and now my time at the dojo has become a part of my life that I will incorporate as long as I live. Thank you to the La Tourrette’s for what you have created!”

Kamerons Buddies noticed he’s More Flexible Than All His Friends in PE Class?

Kameron Said “I noticed all the kids in my PE Class CAN’T do the butterfly stretch”

… He then demonstrated how high their knees were…

and I said… “well, thats normal man…

You, Nery, Travis, aren’t normal… We’re different…

those kids didn’t have the luxury of a instructor torturing them every day for 5 years like you did with martial arts… and then I laughed.”

After you get good at the butterfly stretch, the next move I like to go into the “Lotus stretch”…

after you get good at the ‘Lotus’ the next is the “Full Lotus” where you lift your body off the ground while holding the stretch…..

Just showing up and training in Martial Arts will give you ungodly weird strength and flexibility…

Interested in training with some awesome people?I recommend you sign up for our trial… just a friendly heads up…

I do have a waiting list… “If your interested in getting personal 1-on-1 instruction, that fit your needs, on your schedule and get you the result you want while having fun, making friends, learning cool stuff I highly recommend you call us at 541-608-2848. plus I have a CRAZY guarantee.

Its Called “I love Strangling my New Friends”…

….Basically “if by the end of your trial, you don’t have so much fun strangling and Jitsu-ing your new friends, learning cool new skills, getting a gnarly workout and laughing while you do it, Ill 100% refund your money even after investing 3 days of my life into you….

if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy. And I will only keep your money if your happy”Sounds pretty damn fair to me go ahead and call 541-608-2848 to be put on the wait list.”