Video With Maizy Looking Back Over a year of Training here at Medford Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu

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We’ve all heard:

Martial Arts gives us Confidence.

Martial Arts gives us Strength.

Martial Arts gives us Discipline.

But no one talks about the price you have to pay for it… Now its not a monetary price… Its more valuable than that…”Its Time”

Its Time Invested In your-self… Or its Time invested in your-spose… Or its Time invested in your-child… its Time Invested..

The More Time you invest the better the results.

“Miss Maizy” pays that price…

She shows up early…

and stays late…

I’ve been training for about 30+ years myself…

the head instructor over 60 years…

and there’s one common factor among the ones who turn out great..

The time invested…They always show up early and stay late.

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