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Love ❤️ My Dojo Ohana (Pic Taken Tonight After Fighting Class)

Medford Oregon Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Fighting Class

Love ❤️ my Dojo Ohana…

pic taken tonight after fighting class.

I snagged this before leaving so we’re missing some friends) anyways, I had such an amazing day!

played baseball ⚾️ with my son, went on a motorcycle 🏍 ride, and then taught and grappled with the some of the coolest people and finished with 40 minutes in the sauna and then family dinner.

I Truly Love and appreciate each and everyone of you guys.

Super cool to always be surrounded with positive like minded people. Travis Hanson Tiani Bradford @Allan Garcia, Augies Fiberglass Jack La Tourrette Darren Van Lehn @Jessica Rush @jessica Pepper @Ray Allan Jonny Mack Lathrop Silvia NkjcJosh Sills Sulagshan

I am an adrenaline Junky.

Sulag Before Sparring & After… 🙂

I am an adrenaline junky.

I love Rock climbing.

I Love White Water Kayaking.

I love 4×4 in my CJ-8 Jeep.

I love Riding my motorcycle..

But nothing comes close to Sparring.

(Technically its not “sparring” it’s more like simulating the deaths of your best friends, but that doesn’t sound politically correct)

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER pic of Sulag.

This picture was was taken on his Black belt Sparring Portion of his exam.

But honestly I could take this same picture every week at the dojo.

You will leave sparring class usually in the same position as Sulag.

Laying on your back in a weirdly euphoric state replaying in your mind “what the BLEEP just happened to me.”