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When it comes to picking the right school for you and your family  sometimes you just run into the right place (Like Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu and you KNOW its right), sometimes you need to look around and see whats around town before you come back to (Oregon Kung Fu And Jiu Jitsu and go that is the Best place in town).

And all of that is great.

The reason why our school (Dojo) is so popular is because we focus on you or your family learning at your best possible rate which is to focus only on Private Lessons and we give away over $1,200.00 in Group Lessons a month for free when you train with us. (we give away more group lessons then you would pay for at any other school in town guaranteed)

Now, most schools will just throw you or your kid into a room full of 10 or 30 students let you go buck-wild..and you’ll have fun… BUT you’ll find it takes an eternity to go through your ranks and you’ll find out that the rank you earned is inferior to others. (nothing like being a black belt and getting beat up by a yellow belt). My son beat his first black belt locally when he was a yellow belt.

At Oregon Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu we do pick all of our students. Yes, we do make you qualify to be in our school as one bad apple can spoil the rest. We do not tolerate drug attics in our school, bullies, or bad attitudes. If you fit anyone of those I recommend going to any other of abc schools in Oregon as we will NOT tolerate here.

If you want to the chance to join the best Martial Arts and Kung Fu school in Southern Oregon simply call and tell the office you’d like a Free Private Interview to see how great a fit you are: 1-541-608-2848

The interview only takes 10 minutes. Go ahead and call us right now.

Once we confirm your time, we are located at:

1128 Court Street in Medford right by the Yellow Submarine Carwash.

Master Jack

Call us now: 541-608-2848

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