Are you Opposed to Becoming MORE FLEXIBLE, Stronger and Lose weight all while having fun?

Are you Opposed to Becoming MORE FLEXIBLE, Stronger and Lose weight all while having fun? Sport Specific Exercise are a game changer…

I highly recommend you try something different like SSE. Here is me showing Jessie a way to strengthen grips and wire in Omote Sankaku at the same time.

(Almost every grappling match starts with grips. If you win the grip fight, you can win the fight).

So what is SSE? Sport-specific training is simply fitness and performance training designed to help a task that your going to do in a sport…

I personally switched all my exercises over to sport specific training about 12 years ago and have never looked back. 

If you’re an athlete or wishing to become a better one… you’ll reap massive results… by changing to SSE.

As soon as you do it, you’ll find yourself becoming more flexible, stronger, have almost zero injuries (which is the big one for me)..and you’ll find yourself to be ungodly strong in weird possession compared to normal people. 

I was just teaching another local personal trainer who teaches strength training and we were talking about why I personally switched to more Body weight exercises with SSE Goals… And why she’s doing the same.

Most injuries in sports happen from not training on a 3 dimensional plane, they usually just train a forward and back motion, or purposely  don’t train past a 90 degree angle because your body becomes weaker. 

Whats funny, In Jiu Jitsu this is our PRIMARY goal. We ARE trying to injure you so our entire goal is to get you where you body is weak and snap you or tap you. It would make since then to become more, flexible and stronger in those naturally dangerous areas…

If you don’t have a heavy weight gi like the one I am using you can simple roll up a towel throw It over your pull up bar or branch out side and practicing pull ups.. once you get the hang of it, you can invert yourself like I did and practicing your omote sankaku while supporting all your bodyweight with your tendon strength.

(If you think you might fall flat on your face, I highly recommend you video tape it so you can send it to me hahaha… also put a pillow down, so you don’t die a horrible death) 

Now normally I would say if your interested in joining a bad a _ _ awesome group of people I highly recommend you do what Jessie did and take our 100% Risk Free Trial. 

But …right now I am about 100% at Capacity. I don’t have room for no more people on my schedule.

And then I’d say something along the lines of “If your interested in getting personal 1-on-1 instruction, that fit your needs, on your schedule and get you the result you want while having fun, making friends, learning cool stuff I highly recommend you call us at 541-608-2848. 

plus I have a CRAZY guarantee. 

Its Called “I love Strangling my New Friends”… 

….Basically  “if by the end of your trial, you don’t have so much fun strangling and Jitsu-ing your new friends, learning cool new skills, getting a gnarly workout and laughing while you do it, Ill 100% refund your money even after investing 3 days of my life into you…. if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy. And I will only keep your money if your happy”

Sounds pretty damn fair to me go ahead and call 541-608-2848.”

 BUT my last spots are gone… The next best thing is to be put on the wait-list. (3 people are ahead of of you) (I will follow up with you in the order of receiving your applications. Right now I have a lady who’s joining the Local MPD 1st inline, a Lady Basketball player from SOU on the wait list and a good friend and student of mine …Travis recommend his best friend kid to join us is 3rd on the wait list. 

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