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Saying “adios” To a Student who Traveled From Lithuania To Train With Us!

Good friend and fellow student Karolis spent 2.5 months with us here at Oregon MMA Kung-Fu and Jiu Jitsu.

In that time he spent 8+ hours a day studying martial arts.

Karolis is from Lithuania and is well versed in other martial arts. (He came to a 3 day event about 6 months ago and knew instantly he wanted more)

After the 3 day event was up, he packed his bags and came to southern oregon to train night and day with Grand Master La Tourrette. G.M. La Tourrette is the ONLY hall of Fame Member in Southern Oregon (that means in basic english G.M. La Tourrette is the BEST and was voted in the hall of fame by the best in the world). No one else in southern Oregon Holds his honor.

The Picture below was taken before the “Lithuania’s” Karolis Going away “party” happened. We will miss you Karolis and look forward to your return in February 2014.

Get trained from the best.

Get trained from the best.