Red Light Therapy Is Awesome

I stumbled upon this red light therapy about 5 years back and I’v never stopped using it.

If you’re apart of the dojo, you know what I use it for.

I love this bad boy, if your interested in getting the exact same model I use online here is the amazon link I use:

Click Here

I’ve personally bought this for my entire family its helped with Back Pain, Knee Pain, Dislocations, Hernias, Muscle Growth, torn tendons, you name a body part, I’ve used red light on it process..

Now, I personally don’t get any commissions for telling you about the info above, yet it is an amazon affiliate link. I have it set up, so if the links generate any commissions my mom gets paid. Which I thought was pretty cool, I get to help you and help my mom at the same time.

I would HIHGLY recommend you use this and try it for 30 days and notice the difference.

Its an absolute game changer.

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