Ancestral Supplements Bone & Marrow

Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Bone and Marrow — Whole Bone Extract (Bone, Marrow, Cartilage, Collagen). See Other Ingredients.

This stuff is pretty damn magical.

I’ve personally bought this for my entire family its helped with Back Pain, Knee Pain, Dislocations, Hernias, Muscle Growth, torn tendons, you name it, I’ve tried it and used . . . → Read More: Ancestral Supplements Bone & Marrow

Red Light Therapy Is Awesome

I stumbled upon this red light therapy about 5 years back and I’v never stopped using it.

If you’re apart of the dojo, you know what I use it for.

I love this bad boy, if your interested in getting the exact same model I use online here is the amazon link I . . . → Read More: Red Light Therapy Is Awesome