Easy Take Down On a Bigger Opponent

Warm Up Flow Drill To Incorporate Stand Up, With Takedowns against a bigger opponent, With Downward Strikes from Uke Gatame, To Submission Attacks from a dominant position.

Nery is Drilling with a Mr. Giovanni… Both are great, young  Dudes with an endless amount of potential.


Bringing up age, I always get asked.


“Whens the best time to start training?”

 I usually reply with the saying.

“Whens the best time to plant an apple tree?

The answer: 

“10 years ago…” that implies you want to be able to eat your own freshly grown organic apples. 

People usually look at me with a question mark on their face..

… and I then I state the answer their looking for… 

which is…  “whens the The next best time Jack?”


My point being, is you should of already started…And if you haven’t started for whatever reason it is and have been waiting for the right moment or a sign to pop up to tell you it snow ok….. 

then this IS the sign for you!  lol 🙂 

The problem is looking at my schedule I can only make time for 2 more spots then my personal schedule will be completely maxxed out. 

Here’s what I recommend you do:  Call 541-608-2848 for our Risk FREE Trial where you get 3 Private Lessons Valued at $180 for $39 bucks. 

(its risk free, because if you don’t absolutely have a blast Ill give you 100% of your money back)… 

Pretty damn fair offer if you ask me. (Again, this Risk Free offer is only valid until my schedule is maxed) Thats 2 more spots. Then its gone. 

Again simply call 541-608-2848. Thanks.

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