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Women’s Boxing 🥊 Women Self Defense 🥋 In Medford Oregon… If Its not the Best training you’ve had you’ll get 100% your Money Back.

Miss Maizy Drilling The Basics to death… 1-2 Pull back Cross against a Mr. Geo.

Miss Maizy Warming up with some Mitt Drills “1-2” in the Dojo with a Mr. Geo countering every attack.

The Purpose is to build good habits in order.

1. Control The Distance.

2. Attack First.

3. Always Have an escape plan after your attack.

4. Creating dead space to…

5. Set Up a Counter Attack.

Every Single Attack or self Defense Situation should have these systems built into them and you should do them enough were you do not have to think about them..

They are a habitualized into you, So when $hit happens, your training kicks in and saves you.

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