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Flow Drilling “5 Blades” with my 10 Year Old

Flowing Drilling “5 Blades” with my 10 Year Old BEFORE Starting Her dojo Lesson…

One of favorite habits my father installed in my training was to always “control the distance” at the end EVERY technique by setting up another attack via Lead leg Head kick…

That habit of just getting to the right range to kick someone…

Builds the habit to get out of grappling & hand striking range and into lead leg kicking range had a giant domino effect in my fighting abilities.

The Indiana Jones Movie said “Don’t Bring a Sword to a Gun Fight.”

The same correlation to hands vs kicks can be said…

Hands like knives are great for close quarter (and you should be highly skilled their but to be highly skilled at long distance fighting as well is a game changer)Installing that same power of being able to chose a distance in a fight whether it’s grappling, striking, kicks, into my kids is a bad a _ _ tool.

If you want to train in a system that focus on being good at fighting at the 5 Ranges (Grappling, Elbows/Knees, Hands, Kicks) I highly recommend you try our 100% Risk Free Trial.right now I am about 99% at Capacity.

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if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy.

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