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Happy New Years! Weight Loss, Muscle Gain & Confidence! @ Medford Oregon Kung-Fu!

Super Proud of this Young Man! I snapped a photo of his post he did on Facebook.

The dude blew away ALL 3 of his New Year Resolution Goals from Last Year!

From 178lbs to 150lbs! BAM!

From 37″ Waist to 33″ Waist! BAM!

And He worked his butt off and got his house!

(Totally Proud of you amigo!) Check Out His post Here!

Dojo Student Makes his New Years Resolution Come True at Medford Oregon Kung fu!

Dojo Student Makes his New Years Resolution Come True at Medford Oregon Kung fu!

The 28lbs Lost is pretty Gnarly. Now Ray said there was no magically Secret… But that’s NOT True… Ray showed up and had Master Jack in his corner every week helping him! (Before this Rays NOT had anyone he could count on)

On top of that working out in the dojo with Master Jack, its a proven fact that you can BURN MORE CALORIES then Most exercises you would try to do in the gym.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.14.27 PM
Check out the Stats to The Right:

(PS I still Love Going to The Gym)

But as Far as a “Fat Burner” Martial Arts is Awesome For that.

Plus, learning how to defend your self, how to protect your loved ones and how to gain some awesome power is way cooler then running on a treadmill.

If your interested In Seeing if your a great fit for our Dojo, and if we are a great fit for you I highly recommend giving us a call at 541-608-2848.

Ask for Master Jack and he can help answer your questions.

Dr. John Got his 10th Degree Black Belt!!!!!

“Dr. John is The Highest Ranking Martial Artist in Southern Oregon!”

Dr. John Just received the highest Honor you can get by one of the biggest federations in the Martial Arts World!

Congrats Dr. John!  Judan (10th Degree Black Belt), its quite a an honor.th

Dr. John also is in the “Hall of Fame” for Martial Arts!

Dr. John is also an Amazon.com Best Seller!

Dr. John has also produced over 1,287 Training Videos & DVDS, Manuals and Books!

Dr. John La Tourrette 10th Degree Black Belt