Master Ken Approves are Master’s “SPEED HITTING”

What is amusing is that some folks WHO HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SPEED-HITTING think that it is not possible.

Had a taekwondo 2nd black in one time, who was very curious about it.

He even signed up for the intro…just to see it for real.

He was the funniest-person in the world, attempting to do lock-out-punches FAST…which is not possible.

There are a couple of real secrets to Speed Hitting…and hitting uncoordinated is NOT one of them.

And hitting lock-out is NOT one of them.

And being tight and tense is NOT one of them.


Both me and my son LOVE THE HUMOR OF MASTER-KEN.


Dr John La Tourrette & Master Jack
SPEED Hitting is available at:
Master Ken Approves Speed Hitting

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