Love ❤️ My Dojo Ohana (Pic Taken Tonight After Fighting Class)

Medford Oregon Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu Fighting Class

Love ❤️ my Dojo Ohana…

pic taken tonight after fighting class.

I snagged this before leaving so we’re missing some friends) anyways, I had such an amazing day!

played baseball ⚾️ with my son, went on a motorcycle 🏍 ride, and then taught and grappled with the some of the coolest people and finished with 40 minutes in the sauna and then family dinner.

I Truly Love and appreciate each and everyone of you guys.

Super cool to always be surrounded with positive like minded people. Travis Hanson Tiani Bradford @Allan Garcia, Augies Fiberglass Jack La Tourrette Darren Van Lehn @Jessica Rush @jessica Pepper @Ray Allan Jonny Mack Lathrop Silvia NkjcJosh Sills Sulagshan

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