How Allan from Medford Oregon lost 72lbs, gained strength, increased his flexibility + cardio all while getting crazy confidence

… (just by doing 1 thing different)

Before I go into how… I want to say what he told me the other day “Allan said I wished I would of started sooner”

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard that?

And I 100% agree with it yet no one will start until it gets bad enough.

(Until death or depression comes a knocking.)

When it gets soo damn bad, that’s when change happens…

how much pain can you take before you want change?

Allan wish he would started sooner…

maybe you do? Maybe you don’t?

So how did he do it?

Technically Allan did two things.

Step #1 he asked for “help”

Step #2 He simply changed his environment.

He hung out with 1 person new. (That’s it)

That one person gave him new habits, different ways of thinking, and most importantly hope.

I promise you… if you change your environment you WIlL change your life. Just make sure you chose the right damn environment.

I chose those Bruce lee soundtrack about “be water” because it’s a perfect fit.

Put water in cup it becomes a cup..

Put water in a tea pot it because a tea pot.

Put Allan next to a dedicated 6 pack machine you will become a dedicated 6 pack machine.

It’s that simple.

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