3rd Brown Belt Promotion! Loves These Guys!

I’ve literally seen our Kung-Fu Jiu-Jitsu change lives…

CONFIDENCE…from walking around like their 4-feet-tall to literally feeling like your 10-FEET-TALL-AND-BULLETPROOF.

From being mentally & Physically weak to Superman Status.

I’ve found out in life that Time is NON-REFUNDABLE.. and if you’re Smart, You Invest it Wisely.

Both Jory Asher & Travis Hanson have invested their time and reaped the benefits and grown to become damn good Martial Artist..

Last night they both Earned Their 3rd Degree Brown Belts..

Both are Going into their 4 Years of Training at Oregon MMA with Grand Master Doc and Master Jack!

You guys are amazing, I considered both of you Family.

Love ya!

P.S. Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Punched them in the face and choke them out 

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