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I Get Asked This Question Quite a Bit….

I get asked a lot… what’s the average person take to get a black belt!?

The “average” person doesn’t.

The “average” person Quits.

Out of a 100 people you might get 1 person to earn a black belt.

If you think your 1 out of 100 I’d love to train with you. I love to train with the best.

Here is a photo after a promotion to Green Belt!



Stand up sparring 1 on 1, 1 on 2 and 1 on 3 (mass attacks)
Ground sparring with no weight classes, 2 of his opponents out weighed him by 150lbs.
20 Self-Defense Techniques + Kata
knife and gun defense

Thank you to his Dojo Family & training partners! From Left to right
Master Jack 5th Black, Daren 2nd Black, Mike “Chino” , Pat, Elston and Steve.

Lose Weight! Get Strong! Rapidly Get Your End Game!

Master Jack was Tagged in a photo from one of his students… Had to Share…

By the way Master Jack has helped a young local lady lose over 109lbs..

Another Man has dropped 63lbs with a couple ‘organic’ supplements from Jacks Recommendations…

Another dude has put on 22lbs of muscle since training with Master Jack…

I Don’t know if you’re interested in Losing Weight… Getting Stronger… Or just having fun but Master Jack is opening up a 5 Person Group focused strictly on getting those goals Rapidly.

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Tiger Strength Training

Tiger Strength Training