Review: “I went from BEING A PRETEND NINJA in my 20’s to like,… NO.. Now I CAN defend myself.”  ~ Jonny Mack!  

“I went from BEING A PRETEND NINJA in my twenties to like,… NO.. Now I CAN defend myself.”  ~ Jonny Mack!  

“this dojo is real, this, I mean, that’s the best way I can say it. This is real. This is the training that you want. If you truly want to defend yourself on the streets against someone that is trying to hurt you, try and hurt your family or trying to kill you in your family.

This is the stuff you need to know. And I love it. I love it. Uh, um, so we’ll talk about how, uh, master Jack chain trains, um, he teaches he’s, he, he breaks it down on two levels. He, he, he teaches so individually, so individualistic. I’m not sure if that’s the way, but to the point to where he sees who you are, and he knows how to teach you to the level that you can understand.

The way you can perceive it to where you can picture it in your mind in real life. Um, but I’m still, uh, I’m still, I feel, I feel sometimes like I’m a, I’m a baby chore. I don’t even know, realize, and then he, he explains it to me and I’m like, this makes so much sense. How can I never realized it before? And he’s like, dude, this is what I do.

I break it down forwards backwards, left to right. 90 degrees angle, a hundred degrees reverse angle. And then I can see if I can, if I can make it better, if I can make it more efficient, extremely blessed to be a part of this dojo family. And I think then I got to end it on is, um, I recently became a father and, and before the pandemic, my son was coming down and he w he would watch me and

the I’m going to end it with the photos. Jack made and, and, and this, my wife, uh, framed it for father’s day. And I think this says pretty much everything of right now. Thank you.”

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