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How It Started VS How Its Going

When it started: I was 4 years old.

34 years later I’m still training.

I earned my black belt at the age of 20.

(Pretty damn sure I hold the record in our dojo for the slowest speed at which you can earn a black belt… which was 16 years)

Which I think is badass, because I didn’t quit.since I earned 1st Black, I haven’t missed more then a couple days of training for 18 years straight.

Every week for 18 years.

There’s 52 weeks in a year times 18 years equals 936 weeks straight…

or around 6500+ days..

doing an average of 8 hours a day..

Which equals 50,000 ACTIVE hours on the mat as a Black Belt…


I am absolutely obsessed with the dojo.

Thanks 🙏 Dad & Mom for getting me in the dojo at a young age.

My life wouldn’t be half as fun without Kenpo Jiu Jitsu in my life

If you are interested in training and want to get results? I can guarantee them.

I recommend you sign up for our trial… just a friendly heads up… I do have a waiting list…

The good news is one of my students is moving so I will have 1 opening!!!

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plus I have a CRAZY guarantee.

Its Called “I love Strangling my New Friends”… .

…Basically “if by the end of your trial, you don’t have so much fun strangling and Jitsu-ing your new friends, learning cool new skills, getting a gnarly workout and laughing while you do it, Ill 100% refund your money even after investing 3 days of my life into you….

if you aint’ happy, I ain’t happy.

And I will only keep your money if your happy

“Sounds pretty damn fair to me go ahead and call 541-608-2848 to be put on the wait list.”