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Dragon Whips Its Tail – Famous Bruce Lee Quote from Enter the Dragon

Josiah Grigsby Does “Dragon Whips Its Tail”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSIAH! Here’s a sweet pic of Josiah Grigsby

Performing “Dragon Whips its Tail” to Another black belt in the dojo.

“Dragon Whips its Tail” is a Famous Quote by a Mr. Bruce lee.

I Remembered as a Kid Watching Bruce Lee Movies Growing up, in this case the name of the movie is “The Way of The Dragon”…

I don’t know if you watched it, but I remember one of my favorite scenes is when Bruce is in an alley and is taking on a gang of dudes…

Out of no where Bruce performs this lighting fast, spinning kick and knocks a guy on his booty.

Then afterwards he slightly “taunts” slash “teaches” the man after each strike he uses…

He calls out the technique after each strike…In This case… “Dragon Whips its Tail.”

It was the first spinning kick I every saw of its kind growing up and it still stuck with me to this day.

What’s interesting is we teach this move on your first rank… It only takes a couple seconds for me to teach you the exact steps to follow so you can easily perform it in one lesson…

However the timing and distance required to use on a high level opponent takes a good couple months of practice.

Josiah landed it perfect, and I don’t know if you can tell but he landed it on the “Avocados”… 🥑

Josiah literally kicked a dude up in the air and knocked him flat on his back with a whipping dragon Kick to the weavos…

Beautiful executed and I thought it would make for an awesome birthday present.

Happy birthday my friend, Hope you have an amazing day.